Weekend WIP Roundup

Oh my goodness! It has truly been a case of taking one stitch at a time this week. The rest of the time has been taken up with trying to escape the heat.  We had a very expensive afternoon in a shopping mall only because we were beguiled by the promise of air conditioning! Yep, buying a lot of new clothes in air conditioned comfort was tough. Really tough!


A few French Knots have been added to this project. Along with a growing awareness that I need to pick up the pace if I am going to have this ready for my sister’s wedding in August!

As planned, we went to the beach this week.  We set up camp for  day under a rather lovely gazebo with sun loungers and chairs.  All perfect for me to hide away from the sun in the middle of the day and do a little stitching.

On an entirely unrelated subject, I have to mention how many Italian beaches seem to be set up.  They are mostly covered by sun loungers and gazebos arranged in scarily straight lines.  There are a very small public areas and as this is where the average Italian prefers to go, they are quite overwhelmingly crowded.  The uniformity of the sun lounger areas and the chaos of the public areas makes for quite a contrast!


Indeed I did start off with good intentions.  I have mentioned before, I am quite a fan of beach stitching but I hadn’t reckoned on the humidity at Lignano this week which made working with a needle very clammy.  Eww!


I didn’t get much further than a few rows on my rainbow cross stitch.


There was nothing for it. I just had to submit to a lazy day of reading and swimming in the sea when I got too hot.  Oh, it’s been tough.  Very tough!

Maybe next week will be more productive on the stitchy front.  Or maybe we’ll just head to the beach again.  We shall see!

7 thoughts on “Weekend WIP Roundup

  1. I can totally relate to your sweaty stitching! Toronto is in the middle of a heat wave and I’ve taken to seeking relief in coffee shops in the afternoon. This may be because the beach we have is no where near as pretty as that one.

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    1. Lignano is very pretty. I have to say though I would be very tempted by air conditioned coffee shops but a/c is surprisingly unpopular here! I am trying to enjoy the summer for what it is but it is definitely limiting the stitching. Btw, I saw on IG you are in your new place. Congratulations!

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      1. Thanks! It’s nice to finally feel at home. Although it’s a very European styled residence with no AC, central air or ceiling fans…


  2. oh dear, I’m so sorry to hear about your terrible week!! yes, i am slightly jealous. i’d go for the gazebo and lounger area too, though sun is no good for me and would probably manage to burn me through the gazebo. Love your cross stitch

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