Summer Time

In the last week it really feels like summer has begun here in Sicily. The weather is much warmer, obviously, but there are lots of other signs. I have just stepped outside to bring in the laundry from the line and the evening air was all soft and perfumed. The pace of life – never … More Summer Time

Persistence Pays

It is very easy to focus on the beautiful and charming here in Sicily.  There is a such a lot of it. We live in Mascalucia, a peaceful village within a short distance of  the city of Catania. I have to admit though, we really struggled with Catania when we first arrived.  The dirt, the … More Persistence Pays

Feeling the Blues

All of a sudden, like the flick of a switch, Sicily has snapped into summer mode. Spring, so far, has been a pretty poor affair so it has been good to watch everything come back to life. The granita sellers are back on the street.  I will have to write more about Sicily’s answer to … More Feeling the Blues


One of the really big differences I have noticed between Northern Italy and Sicily is the shopping experience. Whilst there were plenty of lovely markets and independent shops in Friuli, there seemed to be a supermarket on every street corner.  Most of my Italian friends shopped in Eurospar and Ipercoop so, despite having dreams of … More Shopping


As I mentioned in my previous post, my parents and little brother came to visit last week.  It was a good opportunity for us to have a really good look around the island on which we live. Until now, we have actually done very little exploring so we relished the chance to explore a little … More Exploring

Moody Skies

Some months ago, friends of ours from Northern Italy were relocating to Sicily.  They were talking about what they would take with them and what could possibly be left in storage. In my innocence I suggested that, as they were moving so far down South maybe they wouldn’t need all of their winter coats and … More Moody Skies