Flower Crush

I love experimenting with colour and trying out new embroidery stitches.  It isn’t always easy to buy kits that really challenge an experienced embroiderer.  Counted cross stitch kits proliferate but, much as I love them, I also want to enjoy the texture and variety available to an avid stitcher.  There are some wonderful embroidery designers out there but I thought it might be good to see what I could do all on my own.

So I set myself the challenge:  A project that would use as many different embroidery stitches as possible. In addition to this, I had to just use fabric and floss I already possessed. I thought that would make it really difficult, but when I looked at what I had actually collected over the years I decided that I had no excuse for another sneaky craft supply order!


My idea started with this little collection of super bright vintage fabrics.  For the life of me I cannot remember why I started this little collection in the first place! Laying them all out on the floor gave me an idea.  I picked out some of the more defined flower shapes, cut them out and arranged them on some backing fabric.  Once I was happy with how it looked, set them in place using that epic, amazing, wonderful Bondaweb.


Then I just had to bring it to life with colourful floss and as many stitches as possible!  It was one of those projects where it didn’t do to plan things too much (also known as my favourite kind of project!) – just go with the flow.  I did pick out the floss colours I wanted to use and then I just went with what I thought looked good as the piece developed.  I greatly enjoyed just experimenting with different effects and there was surprisingly little unpicking!


Here it it is all finished.  I think I used eleven or twelve different stitches, including couching, french knots, filled chain stitch and whipped running stitch.  I suppose it is a modern version of a sampler. I added a few vintage buttons for extra texture and interest.

I loved this project and it has given me lots of new ideas which I hope to share soon.

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