Tying the Knot

On Saturday my little sister got married.  On Saturday morning I finally finished the project I had been working on to mark the occasion. Clearly I still continue to cultivate remarkable procrastination skills!


I did enjoy working on these two hoops. When I work on these negative space pieces, I love how the shape emerges as the French knots gather and multiply.


I had taken a punt on the colour scheme based on a single picture of the bridesmaid’s dresses that my sister had sent to me some months ago. Thankfully, they turned out to be quite a good match.


So, here they are all complete.  I popped them onto the bride and groom’s place setting just before they arrived at the reception.  It made a nice little extra surprise for them – at least they said it did! If I am honest, I didn’t feel it was my best work.  As I have done previously, I rushed the preparation and the shapes of the letters wasn’t quite as defined and uniform as I would have liked them to be.


However, I really liked the concept and I think I will use the idea or a variation on it again.

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