Organising my Way to Some Inspiration

I have been a little out of inspiration of late.  It is not that I lack ideas but I can’t quite summon up the enthusiasm for any of them. I think this is largely because the last three months have been really busy and it hasn’t been possible to get into a proper routine. I am looking forward to getting into the nice, gentle rhythm I now realise I need to start creating things.


The friend I mentioned in my last couple of posts, in addition to the embroidered tray cloths, gave me this rather marvellous tangle of old floss.  She did this with profuse apologies for the lack of organisation.  She also worried I might not want to be weighed down with more needlecraft stuff.  I put her right on both counts! I just looked at the floss and couldn’t wait to get it all sorted out.

So, having returned to Italy, that is exactly what I did.  It turned out to be just the thing I needed to get fired up creatively again.  Part of my problem is that I have so many ideas, I am not sure where to start. Ideas about this blog, ideas for cross stitch patterns, ideas for gifts to give friends and, dare I say it, a few commercial ideas too.  Sorting and winding floss gave me just the right conditions to muse all of it.


It also gave me a whole pile of free floss I hope to use very soon!

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