Weekend WIP Roundup

This new project is proving to be quite a challenge. I mean this in a good way! For some time I have wanted to try something that took me out of my stitching comfort zone. I think I can safely say “mission accomplished” to that part anyway!


Faces and hands! I knew they would be a challenge – all my artistic friends tell me they are. But I wasn’t expecting to feel so incredibly relieved when the vaguest approximation to what I was try to achieve started to emerge! There is still much to be done but I really feel that I am learning a lot as I go and that was the main purpose of this exercise.

One of the main things I have learnt so far is, when stitching a piece that involves faces, size matters! This whole piece fits into a six inch hoop, therefore, the face is pretty small. If the whole thing had been a touch smaller, I could have gotten away with a less detailed face – just satin stitch with a couple of dashes to indicate eyes and mouth. If the piece had been larger, I would have had the space to add contouring and shading. As it is, I am trying add a certain level of detail in a confined area. I have found myself adding layers of stitches which has created a nice effect…but now I’m struggling to pull the needle through it all.


At a certain point, I decided to leave the hands and face for a while and give myself a break. I turned my attention to the multi-coloured variegated floss that inspired this project. My flash of inspiration was that this would make a lovely jumper. A soft, multi-coloured, old favourite that you pull on when you just want to relax at home. I pictured a girl, curled up in an armchair, wearing said jumper and about to enjoy a mug of tea (you can take the girl out of England…).


So I started embroider-knitting her jumper! To create the knitted effect, I am using a simple needle lace stitch.  I had pictured the jumper having a random multi-coloured pattern but, once again, the size of the project caught me out  the relatively small space means I am getting a stripy effect.  I actually really like it!

I am interested to see if I can still fully realise the image in my head into the hoop…. I will keep you posted. Even if it doesn’t work out, I am thoroughly enjoying the process, and that is what really matter to me.

I was happy to be reunited with my camera yesterday – just in time for a little road trip we are taking. A trip I haven’t yet packed for! I must dash!

Back soon

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