Weekend WIP Round Up

I don’t have a whole lot to show for this week but, believe it or not, I have actually been quite productive.

For a long while now, I have felt the need to do some work on my blog. You must understand, just starting a blog at the beginning of this year felt like a minor miracle. Back then, and to some degree this is still the case, my level of knowledge of anything tech related was rock bottom. I couldn’t hazard a guess about what a widget or a plug-in might be. I decided that I wanted to just get comfortable with blogging and enjoy getting into writing about things that interest me.

After we returned from Croatia, I decided the time was right to start trying some new ideas out. I am being realistic about what I can do, but I have set myself the goal of working on it a little bit each day. Not only am I contending with my lack of know-how, we are also struggling with internet that gives up the will to live from about 2pm.  However, I have been happy to make slow but steady progress.  What has surprised me most is how much I have enjoyed the learning process.


However, it has not been an entirely stitch-free week. This afternoon I managed to make progress on my tea drinking girl.  I gave her a comfy cushion for her armchair.  I wanted to make a cushion that didn’t really match the chair.  The whole image I had in my mind’s eye was one of those days where comfort trumps glamour….a favourite old jumper, a slightly sagging chair.  I have also continued on the “knitting” which is really a simple needle lace stitch. Oh my! It takes a long time to cover the space!

Wishing you all a creative weekend!

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