Autumn Colour

It has been quite a chilly October here in Friuli. Much colder than last year.  In the last week however, we have been blessed with the most amazing, bright, clear days which has meant the temperature has crept back up. Oh, it has been glorious to enjoy sunshine but have none of the clinging, sticky humidity that is common in Friuli Venezia Giulia.


Autumn colours are slowly becoming more evident. One of my favourite things from this time of year are all the Cacchi (or Kaki) trees absolutely laden with their beautiful orange fruit. If I can see one against a clear blue sky I am very happy indeed.


We only have five more weeks before we pack up and leave, so we have been taking every opportunity to enjoy the best of this area. Yesterday we visited Gemona del Friuli and the surrounding area.  It was a terrific opportunity to take in views of the Southern Alps once more. Stupidly, I forgot my camera, so these shots were all taken on my phone and iPad (when the phone battery died), so they are not the best quality. Such a wasted opportunity but, given the light was so good, I think they still look pretty and good enough to share.



I never get bored of marvelling at these mountains. I catch my breath every time I see them. They also look so different throughout the year, depending on the season.



The quite sensational colours of the leaves set agains the blue sky created a truly dramatic effect. The light made everything feel hyper-real (is that the right expression?!) – it felt like we were in one of those techni-colour movies from the 1950s.


I do hope we have time for a couple more mountain excursions before we move on…and that I remember my camera.

I just wanted to close by saying a big thank you for all of your kind and encouraging remarks about my online shop. I felt so encouraged! I have already made a couple of sales and I am working on some bigger, bolder patterns to add to it very shortly.

Back soon!

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