Weekend WIP Roundup

It has been some time since I have done a Weekend WIP Roundup.  In reality, I think this post is going to be more a Weekend Life Roundup because there has been a lot of life going on here and not so much in the way of WIPs!


Wednesday saw us travel all the way to London….and back again. We took the morning flight out of Venice. Mr Stitches attending a business meeting and I rushed around doing a tonne of necessary things. We then took the evening flight home exhausted! In addition to my errands, I picked up a bunch of embroidery supplies to take back with me and this gorgeous iPad case that my sister made for me.


Since our return, I haven’t had a minute to gloat over all of the craft goodies I bought (I am sure I am not the only one who likes to do this??).  My mum returned with us for a couple of days so we took the opportunity to visit some of our most favourite spots.  This will probably be the last time we can do this before we move down South so it has felt a bit like a farewell tour. The picture above is taken from the Castello in Gemona.  After nearly a year and a half here we finally find the best spot to view the mountains just as we’re about to leave.


We absolutely had to revisit the majestically beautiful Laghi di Fusine once more. It looked so different to our first view of it in the late Spring but was just as awe-inspiring as we remembered.


Mr Stitches grabbed the chance to play with his new camera. He has a great eye for taking pictures so I encouraged him to get a decent camera to develop his interest. I had no idea how complicated DSLR cameras are! There has been much muttering and confusion, so I gained a lot of amusement from snapping him trying to figure it all out. I know he will do so eventually.


I have been feeling a bit irritated with myself recently. I don’t feel I am getting as much done on the creative front as I want to. Actually sitting down to blog about life recently has been a bit of a comfort – I have been busy and there are good reasons why I haven’t been quite so productive. However, I have a couple of commissions for monograms that I am getting cracking on.


I have also nearly finished work on some bigger, bolder cross stitch patterns that I hope to be adding to the shop soon. These rainbow colours with a slight 70s vibe to them would appear to be “my” palette. Working in them has fired off more ideas which I will have to make a start on soon.

It is all happening, it just takes a whole lot of time.  I need to learn to be OK with that. Tomorrow we make another trip and when we return we will be in full on moving mode! So clearly, all of my creative endeavours will be on the back burner for a little longer.


That doesn’t mean I won’t be doing anything at all, I think I will still be able to have something to share in this space. Hopefully I will be back soon!

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