So last week we were in London.  This trip had been planned a long time in advance.  We obviously wouldn’t dream of missing my sister’s wedding! This was also supposed to be the trip that deposited us permanently back in England as my sabbatical was due to end…more about that in a little while! Aah! … More London

Weekend WIP Roundup

Oh my goodness! It has truly been a case of taking one stitch at a time this week. The rest of the time has been taken up with trying to escape the heat.  We had a very expensive afternoon in a shopping mall only because we were beguiled by the promise of air conditioning! Yep, … More Weekend WIP Roundup

Icy Cold Granita!

I mentioned before that our trip to Sicily was a real foodie experience.  There were so many things we enjoyed but, without doubt, our favourite was Granita con Panna e Brioche. My friend Manuela, whose family are Sicilian, firmly instructed us to order this for breakfast on our very first day. I have found that … More Icy Cold Granita!

Catching Up

We started this week near Lake Garda where we had been staying for the weekend.  My parents had come to visit so it was fun to take some time out to explore another region. This part of Italy is much closer to what I think of as classically Italian countryside. The apartment we rented was … More Catching Up

Weekend WIP Roundup

What a scrappy kind of stitching week it has been! Recently it has been all about managing in the pretty intense heat we have been experiencing. Being British, this is not something we commonly need to deal with! We are learning as we go. It also wasn’t the best week for photographs as we have … More Weekend WIP Roundup

Sicilian Colour

We arrived back from Sicily yesterday. When I think back on our little holiday, I think mostly about colour: in particular beautiful shades of blue. They seemed to be everywhere we looked! I also loved the blowsy pops of colour from the bougainvillea and the thousands of pots of geraniums that lined every available wall, … More Sicilian Colour

Deliciously Italian

One of our new Italian friends described the passion for food here as something close to religious fervour. I was reminded of this when we went to a special food festival at Villa Manin near Codroipo last weekend. Villa Manin belonged to the last Doge of Venice and, I think someone mentioned that Napolean spent … More Deliciously Italian

A Taste of Home

Since we moved to Italy we have been surprised by how rarely we have felt homesick. There are a number of reasons for this, not least the fact that we usually have to return to London for a couple of days every eights weeks or so. This is a chance for me to get my … More A Taste of Home