Weekend WIP Roundup

What a scrappy kind of stitching week it has been! Recently it has been all about managing in the pretty intense heat we have been experiencing. Being British, this is not something we commonly need to deal with! We are learning as we go. It also wasn’t the best week for photographs as we have to keep the apartment in a state of semi darkness with the shutters down to keep the heat out.


I have been snatching moments to sit outside in the shade and do a little stitching.  This picture was taken last Sunday where I was enjoying the touch of decadent glamour the glass of Prosecco added to proceedings! However, there will be no more scenes like this for now as I thought it might be an idea to cut out alcohol completely whilst the weather is so hot.  I am quite amazed by how much this has helped. By no means are we excessive drinkers, but we have grown accustomed to our aperitivo before lunch! However, we haven’t missed it at all and I am finding that my feet and ankles no longer get swollen in the heat.


Cross stitch really has been the easiest thing for me to work on.  FINALLY, I found the right colour combination for this rainbow project.  It felt good to actually make some progress on this one as it felt I had been working on the letter “L” forever!


We have been drinking gallons of water to which I have added fresh mint and slices of cucumber.  I am sure this is all in my mind, but the cucumber and mint make me feel even cooler! I also decided that working on the blues of my satin stitch project might make me feel think nice cold, thoughts. I am not sure it worked, but it did mean I managed to couch around half of the tiles/scales!


We finally cracked on Thursday and bought a portable air conditioning unit! We don’t use it all of the time but it does mean we can sleep reasonably comfortably. I think this might be why I felt able to set myself a little challenge.  I want to start a new garland similar to this one but using summer flowers.  The challenge is that I need to include Dahlias and I want to create a similar three dimensional effect. The picture above was my first attempt using woven picots. I started with an outside circle and worked my way in.  It was pretty easy to work on the inner petals by pushing the outer ones slightly to create a little space to be able to pin the next picot in.


I was happy with it, but when I looked at it the next day I thought it looked a bit wind blown and dishevelled – like a flower looks after there has been a heavy rainstorm! I decided I needed to work on way of making the flowers remain in a tight pompom so they really do look like Dahlias. So, yesterday afternoon I worked on the yellow flower.  I attached the first ring of woven picots to the backing fabric thereby creating a definite circular shape.  I then worked the detached woven picots in the inner circle. This was considerably more challenging as there was little space to pin and then weave around without getting the petal attached to another one! I need to think of something I can rig up that would allow the base threads to be held upright and away from the rest whilst I weave.  If anyone has the faintest idea what I am talking about and might have a suggestion do let me know!

Anyway, at the very centre I also added a few loop stitches and I was pretty happy with the result. So, whilst I don’t have a huge amount to show and tell this week, I do feel like wasn’t completely wasted.  Learning to cope with different things is all part of the adventure of living in another country. Funnily enough, as I started writing this post, the weather finally broke and we have just had a heavy rainstorm!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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