Fair Isle Forever

This last week we have been in the UK catching up with family and friends and getting some necessary things done.  We arrived back in Italy this evening so, in an effort to avoid unpacking for just a little while longer, I thought I would write a post about another fair isle project I completed recently. I have been meaning to write this up for a little while – so I am get things done and in no way am I procrastinating 😉.

I was so happy with how my first fair isle inspired cross stitch worked out.  I realised that there were a number of ways I could use similar patterns for other projects.  One of the most obvious (to me anyway) was to make a type of baby sampler.  It might make a change from many baby projects, which often rely on pastel colours, by being bolder in colour and pattern.  One of the friends I have made since we have come to Italy has a little girl who I thought would be the perfect candidate for me to try to make this piece for.

I thought I would keep this project simple by just working up the fair isle pattern and then adding the name. I did consider adding date of birth, etc, but the piece was fairly small and I didn’t want to take away from the pattern too much. I worked out almost all of the pattern before I started work.  Yes, this was quite something for me! I wanted to make this pattern bigger and bolder than the previous one, drafting it out meant I could ensure I was getting the look I was going for.


Although the fair isle pattern was all worked out, I wasn’t exactly sure how I would insert the name.  I decided to add some rows of random multi-coloured squares to give it a more of a modern feel.  The butterflies were added to make it a bit more baby friendly.


I duplicated the chunky blue border from the bottom on the top make he piece look more “finished” rather than just a random repetition of linear patterns.


I am kind of in love with this colour palette!


My trip to London meant that I was able to buy lots of supplies so I can get started on a number of projects that I have been cooking up, including a special commission for a friend.  It is all very exciting!  But, for now, I must dash – I need to find another reason to delay making a start on the unpacking!

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