In Retrospect

After everything I said about social media recently, I came stumbled across another unexpected positive effect of all this tapping away at phones and tablets we seem to be engaged in. Scrolling through some old Instagram pictures, I came across the photo above. This was one of the very first cross stitch designs I worked … More In Retrospect

Spider Plants – and Other Memories from my 80’s Childhood

It has been a productive week so far. A good mix of motivating myself and circumstances giving me a much needed push. Believe me, I need the latter more often than I care to admit. At the weekend I was contacted by a customer who asked if I’d considered offering my Fair Isle Monograms as … More Spider Plants – and Other Memories from my 80’s Childhood

Moody Skies

Some months ago, friends of ours from Northern Italy were relocating to Sicily.  They were talking about what they would take with them and what could possibly be left in storage. In my innocence I suggested that, as they were moving so far down South maybe they wouldn’t need all of their winter coats and … More Moody Skies

The Gift of Giving

I remember when I used to have a measure of embarrassment about telling people that I liked to embroider, sew and craft.  The response I frequently received from many was a firm declaration of not knowing one end of a needle from another and no intention of ever finding out. Embroidery, knitting, crochet et al … More The Gift of Giving

Give Away Winners

This funny old apartment we currently live in is stuffed with many of our landlady’s belongings. Actually, not just her things….but also her sister’s and her late father’s! We rented the place because it is very difficult to get a furnished flat on a short term lease in Italy.  Things worked out, as they so … More Give Away Winners

Life Saving Liquid

You cannot underestimate how attached the English are to tea. In my experience they are second only to the Irish. Being from an Irish family living in London, I claim a little knowledge on this subject! We have a very dear family friend who once told me how, whenever her dad used to take his … More Life Saving Liquid

Weekend WIP Roundup

Oh my goodness! It has truly been a case of taking one stitch at a time this week. The rest of the time has been taken up with trying to escape the heat.  We had a very expensive afternoon in a shopping mall only because we were beguiled by the promise of air conditioning! Yep, … More Weekend WIP Roundup