A Happy Accident

I have to admit, I have been feeling a bit cross with myself this week.  My “Hello Flower” satin stitch project that I wrote about here and here was progressing so well but then I hit a bit of a snag. It is nothing major, but it is becoming more and more apparent that I rushed the prep work and used the wrong fabric. I have had too much of a tendency to bash out ideas just to see how the concept might work in principle with the idea that I can make it up “properly” if it works. So, I made some resolutions. I will adopt a different attitude to each new piece I work on. Most of the ideas I have formulated in my head have actually worked in practice so I will stop thinking of them as experiments and have more confidence in myself! I decided to approach each piece with the expectation that it will be something that someone would actually want to use/display. This, I told myself, will all fit in nicely with the generally more structured, organised approach I have been trying to take. But then this happened.


I had been doing some more work on my flower window when I decided it had been far too long since I had done any back stitch. My flower windows are the perfect thing for playing about with stitches – most of the finished pieces usually have ten to fifteen different types of stitches in them.


I stitched a single ring of back stitch around the centre of the pink flower.  I’ll be honest, I enjoyed it so much I was looking for an excuse to do a little more! I suddenly wondered if single lines of back stitches in the different colours would look effective or if the narrow lines would all just merge together. I couldn’t see it with my mind’s eye, so there was nothing for it – I just had to give it a go! I had to undo my first attempt at a second row because it very quickly became apparent that I would have to create a brickwork effect rather than just random stitches. After that, I was away! I used all of the colours in the palette in rings of gradually larger stitches.


I was was so happy with how it looked and it is has spawned so many ideas of how this effect could be used in future. So where does this happy accident leave my more organised approach? It was a good reminder to me that I need to give myself the space to experiment creatively without an end result always being expected.  Equally, I do still believe that I need to have more confidence in my ideas and, therefore, show a little more commitment to actual piece I am working on – something to aim for is good too.

I would love to know what you think. Are you, like me, a bit of a butterfly or are you more focused? What works for you creatively?

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