Weekend WIP Round Up

After my previous post I did a good bit of thinking about what works for me creatively.  A look back over my very brief blog history shows that a lot of good has come from my experimental approach. The very act of making inspires more and more ideas so why would I want that to stop?!

What I think I do need to change is my mind set. If I view everything as an experiment and tell myself it doesn’t really matter if it doesn’t work out, I lack commitment to what I’m working on and that, in turn, affects the end result. I have a load of scrap material on hand when I want to practice techniques and various effects but when I create something I am going to work on it like I really mean it!


So that is just what I did this week. I have had another satin stitch idea bubbling away at the back of my mind.  This time I put plenty of work into the planning and sketching stage.  I know this is something I usually fall down on because I find it boring and I want to be distracted brightly coloured embroidery floss! But, once I started, I really enjoyed it. I actually spent a whole evening researching and sketching. At the end of this session, I had pages of sketches and a design outline which I also traced onto pattern paper.


In my mind’s eye, this is going to be a rich, luscious piece of work made up of pueblo and satin stitch and couching.  The tiles (or fish scales, as my husband thought they were) are going to be in a range of blue tones and the flowers in hot pink. There will be some black, white and gold added for definition.  That is my minds eye….let’s see what happens in reality!


I then transferred the the pattern to the fabric using the old fashioned method of taping the pattern and fabric to a window. My new found commitment to what I am working on hasn’t yet stretched to buying additional equipment like a light box. Not that I am against anything like that, it is just whilst we are living abroad I am trying not to acquire too much extra stuff. I have written before about my strong belief in being creative with what you have to hand and THEN building up a collection of useful equipment rather than starting a new hobby by spending a fortune on stuff.  I am spending less money and the window method meant my arms got quite a work out too so I’m winning all round!


With the pattern transferred I was (finally) able to move onto the fun bit. Colour! I have the perfect bright pink for the flowers.  The tiles will be made up of around ten different shade of blue.  Once all of the pueblo and satin stitch is done I will couch the edge of the flowers and between all of the tiles.  A lot of work, but it is made up of three of my favourite stitches so it will be a pleasure.


I couldn’t wait to get started so, yesterday evening, for about half an hour as the daylight faded, that is just what I did.

I hope you have a wonderful, creative weekend.

2 thoughts on “Weekend WIP Round Up

  1. this design has a very Japanese feel to it,. Looks like fish scales ^^
    and who needs a light box, when we have sunlight, sticky tape and windows? lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So glad you said that – Japanese was the look I was going for! They do look like fish scales. I have always had a thing for that pattern.
      It is so much much better to work with what you have rather than buying more stuff!

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