The Grass is Greener


We are in England for a couple of days this week.  It is such a good feeling to slip back into the familiar.  When I tell English people that we live in Italy, most of them say how jealous they are and seem to assume that life there is so much better than anything we experience in the UK. Whilst I absolutely love living in Italy, being there has also heightened my appreciation of all things English. Interestingly, all of our Italian friends quite openly say that we would be mad to try and live in Italy permanently. They cite the tax system, petty bureaucracy and poor customer service as reasons they would leave if they possibly could.

As we flew across the channel and into Gatwick Airport yesterday I was fortunate enough to have a window seat. The gently rolling southern English landscape was looking gorgeous. It made me think of rich, green velvet carelessly thrown over a surface and lying in soft folds.  It struck me that there is so much beauty wherever we happen to be. I suppose it is natural for all of us to be taken up with the day to day and imagine that life is better somewhere else.  Someone recently gave me some sage advice: “make sure your heart is where your feet are” – in Italy or England, or wherever I happen to be, I am going to try and live like that a little more.


So this morning I embraced all things English. I took my tea (not coffee!) into my mum and dad’s garden and breathed in the cool air. I had to wrap myself up in a blanket because, of course, being England it wasn’t particularly warm! But it was bright and peaceful and allowed me a little stitching time. It was the perfect interlude before all of the busyness of the next few days.

Back soon!

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