Weekend WIP Round Up

We returned from Italy yesterday. This week has mostly consisted of rushing from one place to another and trying to do far too much! Every trip back is like this – will we never learn?! Happily, we did get a lot done and much of that is thanks to our parents who let us descend upon them, upset their routine and then help us run errands! They are all too good.


All of this meant it has been a slow stitching week. I did bring a couple of projects with me and I tried to stitch whenever I had a moment but not a huge amount of progress was made. I made some headway on my “satin stitch in all the blues” project. Proper planning and preparation is certainly paying off – I am feeling terribly virtuous now! Before I started this piece, I backed it with some calico so I am stitching through two layers of fabric. When working something so densely stitched I find the fabric benefits from the extra stability.

I am enjoying this growing collection of blue tiles so much. I am definitely getting that fluttering of excitement I feel when it starts to look like a project might just work!

Wishing you all a lovely, creative weekend.

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