Autumn Light

Monday was a beautiful, clear bright Autumn day. We made the most of it by visiting some of our favourite haunts in Udine. The weather is still warm here but there is much less humidity and the mornings and evenings are quite fresh. I had to smile, this time last year in similar weather, I would have been wearing a summer dress.  Yesterday, I wore a jumper and scarf! I definitely seem to be joining  my Italian friends in their fear of the cold!


Oh, it is definitely Autumn here in Udine! Long shadows are being cast everywhere, even at noon. Everyone has adopted their Autumn uniform which MUST include a light down-filled jacket.  Ye-es, I have bought one too. They are just so useful!


I am pleased to say, you can still comfortably sit outside for aperitivo and people watching. Yesterday there was a graduation celebration in Piazza San Giacomo that involved the graduate being made to dress up as a cow. We are not sure why, but it was fun to watch!


Oh the sky! Scarcely any clouds meant we could really soak in the warm rays of the sun. I love the shop sign in the above picture. They are commonly seen around here. I think they have a retro charm.


I have mentioned before about how seasonal the grocery shops are in Italy. I don’t think anything could say Autumn more than this colourful display of fruit and vegetables.


It was so good to spend a little time not doing very much except take it all in. We will be leaving Udine at the end of November to move to Sicily so this felt like an opportunity to commit some favourite places to memory. We are excited about our move but there is so much we will miss in this little corner of Italy.


Monday was a refreshing break from what has been quite a busy time. I have finally opened an online shop! It has been a bit of a headache really.  Our internet has been slower than usual and my camera has broken. I had planned on a big store opening but it is not going to happen. I have uploaded a couple of patterns to the shop and I hope to be adding more over the week. I will write a bit more about it next time but you can visit the shop here.

4 thoughts on “Autumn Light

    1. Udine might not be quite as picturesque as some Italian cities but the Centro Storico is really charming. I just had a peek at your lovely blog – we really need to visit Ljubljana before we move to Sicily in December. Thanks for stopping by!

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