Give Away Winners

This funny old apartment we currently live in is stuffed with many of our landlady’s belongings. Actually, not just her things….but also her sister’s and her late father’s! We rented the place because it is very difficult to get a furnished flat on a short term lease in Italy.  Things worked out, as they so often do here, by a friend talking to another friend and arrangement being reached.

Although we have the place all to ourselves, our contract is for one bedroom and a bathroom – this is because any other rental arrangement would have started to get far too complicated for all of us. For this reason, and because Italians often admit to struggling with getting rid of any possessions no matter how defunct or dilapidated, we find ourselves living with a number of interesting objects!  This presents no great difficulty for us – most things are put away in the garage or in one of the enormous cupboards we have here. In the spare bedroom we have one wardrobe full of sheepskin coats, in the front room there is an extensive array of Italian cookbooks and an ancient record collection. But, by far, my favourite is the sideboard which is full of all kinds of interesting objects that have been long forgotten.


It is from the sideboard that I extracted this charming ice bucket this morning. Isn’t it pretty?! I decided it would be the perfect thing to gather up the names of all of the entries into my give away.


Thank you to all of you who entered.  I just realised this picture makes it look like there were very few entries but I promise this was before I gave the ice bucket a shake!!


So here are the two winners from my very first give away. Congratulations, Kimberlee and Fawn! Please leave your email address in the comments so I can send your patterns to you!


In keeping with the celebratory mood here at Ambrosia Stitches, I will leave you with a little project I have been working on recently. I have an idea for a much bigger embroidery pattern but I wanted to try some of the effects I have in mind on a small project. It seemed to work – so I hope to share more sparklyness soon!

7 thoughts on “Give Away Winners

  1. I just gasped!! You have made my favorite day (Intl Coffee day) even better!! xoxo I am going to start this right away, with my husband’s help of course! Thank you so much!!! xoxo

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