This week we have started to feel settled and I have been able to pick up the threads (no pun intended) of my unfinished projects.

For some while, even before we moved, I felt I had too many WIPs. I really needed to complete some! Once I got started, I found myself on a roll! Oh my goodness, it felt good to finish things off.


I had actually finished the stitching part of two pieces, they just needed to be mounted.  I was having great difficulty finding the right mount and, being new to the area, I haven’t yet found the right shops to go to.  So…. I bought a couple of IKEA frames and some cardboard folders and improvised.


They didn’t look exactly as I planned, but I think it worked out pretty well. I particularly liked the combination of the blue in the pink frame.


Both of the patterns are now available to buy in my shop.


As well as feeling rather virtuous about finishing things off, I also got some inspiration for some new patterns I want to try soon. It is good to be entering 2016 with some fresh new ideas.  Hopefully, they won’t take quite so long to realise as these ones did.


With it being almost the end of 2015 and the fact that I have been blogging for almost one year, I have inevitably got a little reflective.  Goodness me, I have learned a lot! This creative journey I have been on has been hugely enjoyable and something I look forward to continuing next year.


Mr Stitches and I expected to be back in our old life in the UK by now so I feel enormously grateful for this extra time to learn and create. I also really appreciate all of the people I have connected with who have taken the time to read and comment.

I hope to see you all in 2016!


3 thoughts on “Completion

  1. Completion of the year with the completion of two projects, very fitting! Well done. 😉

    I completely sympathise with the too many WIPs problem. More than 2 for me feels very uncomfortable, (unless it’s to break off from the main 2 to do a small, quick project), and I really want to get my current 3 sorted and out of the way. I’ve just done my 2015 stitching summary post and am working up the nerve to start on the goals for the new year one. Tee-hee!!


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