Weekend WIP Roundup

Goodness me, it has been a while since I’ve been here. I really didn’t mean to be gone for quite so long. Despite the blog silence, there has been much happening here on the creative front.


A recent commission has enabled me to develop my ribbon monograms idea.  The brief was for the two monograms with curly writing in funky colours. I still have a way to go with the project but I like the way it is heading so far.


I am also working on a gift for some lovely new friends we have made since we have arrived in Sicily. I did few drawings of what I had in mind and then I got impatient and just sketched the designed directly onto the fabric – don’t try this at home kids! Thankfully, I think I got away with it.



As you can probably guess, I am trying to cram as many flower motifs into the R outline as possible. It has been nice to revisit some old favourites like bullion knot roses and woven picot petals.


It has also reminded me that I had intended to share tutorials of some of these more complicated flower stitches.  Something else to add to the ever increasing to do list.


I had a nice surprise after placing this pattern in my shop. Someone approached and asked to buy the sample I had made. They wanted to give it as a gift to someone who had been admiring the pictures.

Work is underway on my next cross stitch design which will be a baby sampler.  I have also had a request from someone who would like me to work on a much larger commission – something that would be some way out of my comfort zone.  I feel a bit nervous about giving it a try but I do feel I should at least have a go.

Writing this blog post has just made me realise how much I have had going on in the last two weeks.  No wonder I haven’t had time to blog! I am off to try and catch up on all of the blogs I follow!



2 thoughts on “Weekend WIP Roundup

  1. You do the most amazing thread work! I actually do sketch right onto the fabric! Sometimes with a pencil but I love the frixion pen because it will erase with the heat of an iron and is fine point, better than those dual purple/blue pens!


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