Spider Plants – and Other Memories from my 80’s Childhood

It has been a productive week so far. A good mix of motivating myself and circumstances giving me a much needed push. Believe me, I need the latter more often than I care to admit.


At the weekend I was contacted by a customer who asked if I’d considered offering my Fair Isle Monograms as an entire alphabet set. Is it strange that I hadn’t thought of this? Really and truly, it had not occurred to me.  I was so grateful for her query because it meant that I got to collate all of my designs and finalise some pieces of work that I had been putting off for a while. Also, addition to making a sale, it gave me the idea to make the entire set available as an instant download in my shop.  It has also got me thinking about some more cross stitch monogram sets….. I will mull this one over for a little while.


In other news…. I can’t believe I haven’t shared much about my most recent piece of work. It all started with the fish scale pattern I used in this piece of work I made last summer. I LOVE this type of pattern, it is soft and strong all at the same time. I had been playing about with how I could use something similar again, when I was hit with the idea of a fishbowl containing a goldfish. I toyed with the idea of doing something almost identical to this project and just replacing the flower with a goldfish. But thesr thoughts sparked a childhood memory and suddenly I had an entire composition in mind.


The inspiration is a very silly childhood memory. I think I will tell you more about it as I progress, but you may well guess what it might be if I tell you that the title of this particular piece is “Who Killed Pedro?”  Yes, it would appear that I have started to give my work titles…. Ooh, posh!


Given that it was my comfort zone, I started on the fishbowl. I may add some white/silver couching.  We shall see.  I may also have to slightly tweak the angle of the surface of the water.  Possibly. Or maybe I just need to deal with my overly self-critical nature!



Once I had worked on Pedro’s immediate habitat I started on part of the background. Now, I was a child of the 80,s (OK, I was born in 1976), so I have vivid memories of the veritable forest of potted plants that my parents used to have on the enormous window sill that crossed nearly the entire width of our apartment. All the old favourites were there: a money plant, a yukka, a mother-in-law’s tongue, a slightly traumatised cacti and a cheese plant. Hey! I said it was the 80’s!


More than anything, though, I remember the spider plants. My mum always said that they were particularly good for the air. I am not sure if that it true…. That it, are they any better than any other plant?  What I do know is they are a lot of fun to stitch. Who knew?!

I love that this piece of work has originated from a family memory and a previous project. That is very satisfying! I hope to update you about it again soon.

Edited: Thank you for pointing out the typo, Maia T. I thought it best to clarify that my parent had potted plants and not pot plants 😂😂.

11 thoughts on “Spider Plants – and Other Memories from my 80’s Childhood

  1. “I have vivid memories of the veritable forest of pot plants that my parents used to have…”

    I have to say, I stared at that for a while before I made it to the next sentence. 🙂


      1. It was more the difference between a potted plant and a pot plant that stopped me in my tracks. 😉


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