Yesterday I did a little realising… both senses of the word.  We have had some unseasonably mild weather in Udine. Although winter here is characterised by cold but sunny days, we are enjoying the feeling of the sun warming our bones a little.  So, with the sun out and Spring flowers starting to burst forth, everything is feeling fresh and new – perfect “realising” weather!

It all started with finding strawberries for sale at the local greengrocers. We asked where they were grown and were surprised to be told that they were from Italy. We had no idea strawberry season here started so early. Resolving to buy some strawberries on our way home, we joined our friends for coffee and brioche at one of our favourite bars. We lingered in the sunshine for a while before strolling back in the direction of our apartment.  Walking past our favourite pizza place, the owner gave us a friendly wave. Reaching the greengrocer, we were dismayed to see that all the strawberries had disappeared. Our greengrocer rushed out and said how sorry he was and told us he had only a few strawberries he had put aside if we would be happy to take them?


Oh, we were very happy to take them!  It then occurred to me that how much I had been able to speak and understand in Italian. I also reflected on the time we had spent that morning, coffee (of course!), friends and delicious locally grown fruit.  Walking back in the sunshine, we realised that maybe we are finding our rhythm here in Italy.

The other type of realising going on yesterday was completing a project I started a few weeks ago.  When it was really, reeeeeaaally cold, I decided to embroider a Spring garland.  As usual, I kept it simple by selecting the colours I wanted to use and drawing the outline of the wreath.  I used my very lovely vintage linen because this was an extra special project.


I then started filling up the circle with Spring flowers. Daffodils and Tulips were the obvious choice!


I loved embroidering the raised daffodil shapes. It had been a while since I had embroidered woven picots and I had never made them so small.  The effect was pretty good though and it is something I want to try and do again.  It didn’t all go according to plan – an attempt to create hyacinths using a raised chain band was a bit of a fail and had to be unpicked.


Oh well! Embroidering is as much about the journey as the destination.  That’s what I tell myself when things go a bit wrong!  The Muscari made with French knots did work however, so they stayed.


When designing projects of my own, I never know when they’re finished. I often hand the piece to my husband and ask him!  After adding some greenery, it got the husband seal of approval!


I used this picture this morning to send happy anniversary wishes to my mum and dad (I told you it was a special project!). It is their 39th wedding anniversary today!  When I am next in the UK I will be able to give it to them. I am just trying to decide if it needs something in the middle. The hoop is only 4″ so there is very little space to fill which makes it tricky.  What do you think?


Realising projects, realising we might be settling into Italian life and in honour of Mum and Dad’s anniversary, it seemed appropriate yesterday to enjoy our strawberries with Prosecco.


6 thoughts on “Realising

  1. Sounds like you had a great day out. I love your project and all those colors. Your stitching is beautiful. Happy 39th Anniversary to your parents. You could put their initials in the middle or the year they were married or the Anniversary year or leave it alone. Keep us posted on what you decide.

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