Covering my Back

We are about to make a flying visit to the UK so I am scrambling around in my usual inefficient fashion trying to get everything ready. We have had to make this trip regularly so by now I thought I would be able to throw a few items into a small travel bag and just skip out. Oh no! I find an impending trip looms over me for several days before so I can’t focus on anything properly.


One of the thing contributing to this general feeling of disarray is my need to finish off a couple of projects so I can take them back with me. Mounting work, gluing into hoops – that sort of thing. Truth be told, I am really rubbish at this bit. I embroider for the pleasure I get out of the actual stitching and not necessarily with the aim of seeing that piece on the wall or displayed somewhere. I can quite happily make something, enjoy looking at it and then leave it in my basket for an embarrassingly long period of time before I do anything with it!


Now that I am making things specifically for other people, I am having to adopt a more sensible, grown up approach! So, I have been dutifully “finishing” pieces this week.


I have found that I actually quite liked the gluing work into hoops bit. I back each piece with some vintage fabric so it looks pretty front and back. I know that embroiderers (myself included) sometimes like to see the back of embroideries but when I am giving work away I like to retain a little mystery ;-).


Once I have safely delivered my work, I will be able to share the front of this work with you.  Remember the Spring garland in this post? Well I finally decided what should go in the middle. Thank you to all who made suggestions. Once I have given this to my parents I will let you see it all completed!

Till next time!

8 thoughts on “Covering my Back

  1. Thank you for sharing your backing details. I have just started stitching after many years away. In the past I decorated blue jeans and fabric purses, now I’d like to make some pretty things as gifts. It’s nice to know how to properly finish them off. Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing the front!


    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! There are actually a couple of other methods for backing hoops – there are lots of tutorials out there – but this is my personal favourite. I gave the hoop to my mum yesterday so I hope to share te front soon! I hope you continue to enjoy stitching – I am sure your friends and family will be delighted with them! Thanks again 😊


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