Getting my Colour Back

On Saturday, we took a stroll into the historical centre to sit in the piazza, drink a Spritz and just take it all in.  The hour between noon and one o’clock is always particularly busy as everyone has aperitivo before disappearing for lunch.  Friends meet to gossip, families gather – we saw one young couple bringing  their newborn baby out for the first time being welcomed by family members. Children play noisily and run around freely.  We observed at least two children suddenly realise they had lost sight of their parents in the crowd but before their dismay turned to panic they were scooped up by their mothers to be given a vigorous scolding.

Always so much to see and now Udine is casting off it’s grey winter cloak and starting to don it’s Spring finery there is so much more colour! I know I posted a picture of some Magnolia blossom in the rain last week but just look at it in the sunshine! I thought it was too good not to share.


The pink against the blue, blue sky was quite a sight to behold.  Here it is a little closer.


We had a drink and some toast in the piazza. Toast is what we would call a cheese and ham toastie or toasted sandwich.  However, around here Toast is distinct from panini (sandwiches) – I dared to call it a panino once only to quite curtly corrected by a waitress! Anyway, whatever label you want to give it, Toast is quite delicious.  Strolling back, we decided to have gelato. The gelaterias, whilst not closing for the winter (ice cream is a must all year round) have been in a state of semi-hibernation in recent months.  Now, they are opening up their shop fronts so that you can purchase your gelato from the street. Such a tempting array of flavours  all laid out in soft, natural colours.


“Una pallina di gelato alla fragola”. Creamy and not too sweet with the fresh, clean taste of strawberries. I know it’s a cliche but, oh my, Italian ice cream is so good!

Returning home, I was considering making a start on some projects.  I have some candy coloured, summer ice cream inspired ideas I want to make a start on.  I did what I often do when I’m formulating ideas, I had a look through some of the recent pieces I have worked on. That was when came across a little hoop I have never shared here before.


I love the contrast of the soft ice creamy colours against the dark background. This was made by using vintage fabric to appliqué flower motifs, similar to what I did with this project.


This good dose of colour has given me lots of ideas including that soft, spring fair isle pattern I wanted to start recently.  I have been busy drafting patterns so hopefully I will have more to share soon!

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