Weekend WIP Round Up

For the last week I have been preoccupied with my special coffee commission.  I am happy to say it has finally been completed.  I am so delighted I will no longer be getting myself into tizz with all of the far too similar shades of grey!


One of the last jobs I had to do was add a couple of highlights using satin floss.  It certainly gives the whole thing a little extra dimension but, oh my goodness, it is annoying to work with!  It splits and pills so easily. A little tip I did pick up for working cross stitch with satin floss: make sure you pull the bottom or first stitch in each “cross” a little tighter than you would normally do so.  It creates a nice, smooth finish.

Anyway, here it is!


Here is a closer view.


I have loved making this moka pot.  Once I have mounted it I will post a picture of the whole piece.  For the rest of the weekend though I plan to work fuchsia, turquoise, scarlet….. ANYTHING BUT GREY!!

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