Squaring the Circle

Despite travelling to England – a two day journey through sun, snow, rain and hailstones – last week was a quite the week for finishing off projects. Today I wanted to share the completed Spring garland.  So this is what it looked like when I asked for suggestions about what to stitch in the middle.


Many of you came up with some really good ideas – thanks again to all who did!  Typically for me, I deliberated right up until the last minute.  I was then rushing to finish the piece when I really should have been packing.


But finish it I did! (I got the packing done too and managed to leave our apartment in a fairly presentable condition too.  Go me!) I opted for a family monogram which I worked in a slaty grey floss.  I then decided that a simple outline wasn’t quite enough, so I filled it in with silvery grey satin floss which I used for this project.  I really am a glutton for punishment. Interestingly though, I found working satin floss in satin stitch much easier than cross stitch….maybe the clue is in the name and I shouldn’t be surprised about that at all?!


So here it is, all finished! I enjoyed the free and easy process of this little project and I am more than pleased with how it turned out.  I wanted a bright and breezy slice of Spring and I think that is what I got. It is now on the wall in my Mum and Dad’s hallway so I guess they are happy with it too…. I will try and share my other completed piece soon.

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