Letting the Sunshine In

We are making the most of the recent warmer weather we are experiencing in Northern Italy, even though we sometimes feel like the only ones doing so! We have the kind of sunshine and warm temperatures that would see most right thinking UK residents in shorts and flip flops.  Not the Italians! They are still wearing their jackets and scarves and, in the evenings will complain of how cold they are.


We have decided to strike a balance – we haven’t yet donned our swimwear and Havaianas, but we have been outside a whole lot more to enjoy the Spring.


We also headed to the beach. The resort of Lignano is about 40 mins drive from where we live.  It’s long sandy beaches make it a popular holiday destination.  The funny thing is, Lignano would be popular all year round in the UK. Here in Italy, seaside resorts like Lignano are only really open May to September.  We went for a walk on the beach at Lignano on Boxing Day and the closed up hotels and bars made the place resemble a ghost town.


When we visited on Monday, there were signs that Lignano was slowly coming out of hibernation in readiness for the summer. Hotels and shopfronts were being cleaned and given a fresh coat of paint.   The beach however was still very quiet. It was nice to enjoy a peaceful stroll there before the crowds arrived and endless, mathematically straight rows of parasols are installed.


Today I was contacted by my friend Wesley to say that his commission had been safely delivered to his home in Madrid!


He he was kind enough to send me a picture of the work in its new mount and frame. I am so pleased with how it looks and, I am relieved to say, he is really happy with it too!


Wesley took the work to his favourite Madrid coffee spot and posted this picture to his IG feed.  If you want to see for yourself, his IG user name is @muchbites_madrid

There is now a Muchbites website where you can find out a whole lot more about the food/restaurant scene in Madrid. Do pop along and say hello.

It may not look like it, but I have also been doing a good bit on the stitchy front this week too.  Having a bit of a purge and organising myself like I mentioned in my last post does seem to have paid off. I will share a bit more about that next time!

4 thoughts on “Letting the Sunshine In

  1. yes weather has been gorgeous in France too (Rhône-Alpes area). It really feels like summer already, but I haven’t donned my shorts either ^^

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    1. Beautiful area! I was never one to wear shorts to quickly anyway. I made us laugh so much when we went back to England recently to see how much less dressed everyone was compared to here – despite it being a couple of degrees cooler than here!


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