Weekend WIP Roundup

Reviewing what I have done this week, and in view of my previous post, it is clear I didn’t want to do any work that required much thinking!  This week was all about cross stitch and satin stitch. I have been working on some of the designs I created when we first moved here last … More Weekend WIP Roundup

Moka Making

I have been making a big push to get my Special Coffee Commission completed this week.  We are visiting the UK at the end of next week and I want to have it all finished and mounted by then so I can take it with me and deliver it to my friend. I have learnt … More Moka Making

Making a Moka

I have been slowly but steadily making progress with my commission.  Having to design something to someone else’s specifications does limit you, but in a good way.  The person who made the commission was quite clear about the image he wanted me to create.  I have to make that work within the parameters he has set which … More Making a Moka

My First Commission

Wow! I am feeling a great weight of responsibility! A friend of ours from the UK has requested that I make an embroidery for him.  In the last year, we have moved to Italy and he has moved to Madrid.  We like to stay in touch and compare notes about what we miss about the … More My First Commission