Designing and Devising

Do you ever have an idea rolling around your mind for such a long time you are almost afraid to try and realise it for fear it doesn’t work? Just me? I really hope not!


I have had the idea for this pattern for ages! A couple of weeks ago I decided to get a grip, face my fears and start making. Although I had to tweak the pattern as I went, on the whole, I am happy with how it turned out.


My original pattern had to be made considerably smaller or I would have been stitching the same piece forever! I have kept the original though – it occurred to me that it would be the perfect size for a needlepoint cushion. I could see this design on a cushion, what do you think? I had also imagined the M being blue with red/pink roses around the door but the green vine and leaves got lost against the blue do I had to switch to a yellow M with clematis! Necessity is truly the mother of invention.

What do you think? I am hoping to start selling cross stitch/needlepoint patterns in the near future so I would love to hear your thoughts. I think I am going to add this to the list of patterns that I am happy with.

18 thoughts on “Designing and Devising

  1. If it’s any comfort, I have more ideas than I could ever realise just timewise and, yes, many of them I fear would go wrong……


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  2. I really love this design! So glad to hear you’re thinking about selling your patterns.

    I know just what you mean about becoming obsessed with ideas. Sometimes, when I get around to making something I’ve been thinking about for a long time, I don’t even mind if it doesn’t work out. I just think–well, I finally got that out of my system!

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  3. Your work is amazing. Your blog is one I always get excited about when the updates come into my reader. That being said, I feel like online cross stitch pattern stores are a dime a dozen, and I hate it because it’s really hard to find high quality patterns. I’m positive your patterns would be a high quality (I’ve seen your work!) but I would still proceed with caution. With such an overcrowded market, it may be hard to get sales and that could be very discouraging!

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    1. Thank you! Your comment made me feel ten feet tall! Thank you also for your constructive comments about selling cross stitch patterns. I couldn’t agree more. For a long time my first love has been for freehand stitching because almost all that I could find were cross stitch patterns of poor quality or not my thing. I have started to like cross stitch a lot more since I started designing my own.

      I feel the need to give what I am doing a little more discipline and something to work towards – everything I have done up to now has just been experimenting or making gifts for others. Making pieces to sell is not something I am really in a position to do right now (I’m not sure I’d want to be doing too much of that anyway). I want to see where my love of stitching might take me next and I guess I saw selling cross stitch patterns as the simplest way to start learning. I see it as a beginning rather than the ultimate goal I am working towards.

      I was really struck by your comment. I even showed it to my husband and discussed it with him. It has got me thinking a lot about making sure that anything I do decide to sell has to be of a quality that I am happy with rather than what I think is popular in the market. Most sincerely – thank you!


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