Weekend WIP Roundup

Reviewing what I have done this week, and in view of my previous post, it is clear I didn’t want to do any work that required much thinking!  This week was all about cross stitch and satin stitch.


I have been working on some of the designs I created when we first moved here last summer.  In my usually haphazard fashion, I had made patterns up without recording floss codes, thread count or anything else that might be useful.  So… I am making them up again.


I have discovered, if I make these patterns up with 14 count aida they fit nicely into 5″ hoops. I have also made the designs with a square border so they can also be mounted and framed. The moka was pretty easy to design but the teapot took forever! It is one of those shapes that you start off thinking will be easy create but it is very deceptive.


I have continued to be to be beguiled by soft, shiny, silky, sheeny satin stitch! I really just bashed this out onto some very cheap cotton to see how the idea I my head might play out. I am starting to wish I had shown a little more confidence in my idea and worked it on some heavier weight linen. Oh well!

We have both been unwell so we are having a quiet Sunday afternoon.  I should try and sit down and work on something a little more challenging if I feel up to it. I am thinking maybe all this free and easy stitching might be like sugary treats – too much is bad for you! I will endeavour to finish off this week with something more “improving” 😉.

Enjoy the the rest of your weekend.

4 thoughts on “Weekend WIP Roundup

  1. I am so glad that I am not the only one who gets carried away coming up with a design and then has to go back and work out (or redo!) to get my floss numbers etc for the pattern. I have a beautiful notebook now which I try very hard to keep updated with all the WIPs, and that is helping a lot – but the odd thing sneaks through when heart and hands take over from the brain 🙂

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    1. Oh yes! I have done that too….eventually! I am currently paying for past impulsiveness 😉. I guess I never seriously thought I would take my little ideas further than just playing around with them myself. I shall have more self belief in future! My husband advises me to get an Moleskine artist notebook.


      1. My weakness is for journals by “Paperblanks”. They have such beautiful covers – it feels wonderful just to write in them. But at least that means I am more likely to keep records of what I am doing. And your designs are lovely – you should definitely have faith in yourself 🙂

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