Moka Making

I have been making a big push to get my Special Coffee Commission completed this week.  We are visiting the UK at the end of next week and I want to have it all finished and mounted by then so I can take it with me and deliver it to my friend. I have learnt … More Moka Making

Cross Patch

I mentioned last week that in recent months I have learned to love cross stitch again.  I have to admit I’d previously got a bit snobby about cross stitch and had focused entirely on other forms of embroidery. I do think part of the problem was because a lot of shops that supply embroidery kits only … More Cross Patch

The WIP Pile

This week I started another little project.  I did wonder if I really should do so given that this is what my current Work In Progress pile looks like: Before I went on my sabbatical I had less time to stitch, so I used to be a lot more disciplined. I generally didn’t start a … More The WIP Pile