Making Rainbows


Every time I head back to London, I have to buy, ahem, one or two embroidery supplies! I may have got carried away, but my little shopping expedition last week means that I can now crack on with some ideas I have been formulation for some time.


I needed to match DMC floss to some projects I had worked in Anchor. DMC would appear to be more universally available so I have been advised to reference them in any patterns I make. I know there are matching charts but I do think, when it comes to such slight variations in shade, it is really in the eye of the beholder. I wanted to be absolutely sure I was personally happy with the colour comparison.


I love putting together these colour rainbows!  This pattern has been bubbling away for a long time. I made a start on it yesterday but had to abandon it.  I was working on 28 count even weave and I suddenly realised I would be working on a project of Bayeaux tapestry proportions. Alright, that is an exaggeration but I do seem to frequently have this problem when designing cross stitch patterns. I really need to invest in higher count linen and Aida!


I did buy one thing on a whim last week. This bright, multi-coloured floss was too appealing not to try. I had no idea what to do with it but I was sure I would think of something. I asked my IG friends and many of them had some terrific suggestions.  Another idea has now occurred to me but I would love to know what you think. What would you do with this delicious multicoloured floss?!

Back soon!

15 thoughts on “Making Rainbows

  1. oooh I’m lovin’ your new bright chart on screen ^^
    hmm bright variagated threads – I like to use those when making small projects ( monchrome charts usually) or blackwork for cards or little pin cushion gifts. Always lovely to sit and stitch with a cat on my lap and not have to worry about colour changes.

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      1. it’s especially easy to stitch monochrome (or variagated) with a cat on my lap, because there are less threads for him to play with ^^


  2. Your chart looks so bright and colourful. I love it! I also love using variegated threads. It is an easy way to make your stitching more interesting. I need to get some for some blackwork I am planning on trying.

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