Weekend WIP Roundup

After purchasing a positive rainbow of colours, it seemed appropriate that this week was more than usually colourful.


Having realised that the big project I had in mind would be enormous beyond anything than would be manageable on the 28 count evenweave I had purchased, I did a little thinking.  I did an about turn and started on a mini rainbow inspired project. This is as far as I have got with it but I hope to take it with me to Sicily next week.  I am a big fan of stitching whilst at the beach – I do hope it is not just me!


I spied out some 18 count aida in my basket that is much more suitable for the big project.  As soon as I found it, I just had to make a start.  Just a couple of rows, I told myself…


…but by this morning this had happened! Having had a long look at what I have done so far, I think that I may need to switch the greens.  The light one needs to be a little less yellow and the dark one more grass than emerald green  I should be able to tweak these colours and bring this away with me too.  I find bright, bold cross stitch is the right thing for a summer holiday project!

This week I managed to finish all of the satin stitch in my blue tiles/scales project.


I am now on to the couching. In this picture you can see I have made a start on it.  However, I think that the white metallic floss is just going to be too stiff and awkward for all of the tight curves. I am going to pull it out and just use ordinary floss or maybe satin floss…if I want to make life hard for myself!


Here is another view of all of those lovely satin stitch tiles.  I just love looking at them!


As I mentioned, I will be away next week.  I do plan to stitch but between the beach and all of the fabulous food I may not have time to blog.  I will also be taking plenty of pictures, some of which may well find their way onto my instagram feed: @ambrosiastitches – do follow along if you feel so inclined!

Back soon!

8 thoughts on “Weekend WIP Roundup

      1. I wouldn’t worry. That always happens to me too. I have all the best intentions but you are on holiday to relax and enjoy yourself. It doesn’t matter whether that includes stitching or not 🙂

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