Bright Ideas Lead to my Undoing

As I mentioned in my previous post, I didn’t get much stitching done whilst we were in Sicily. This was primarily because it was was more of a sight seeing, Sicilian three hour lunches and seeing friends kind of holiday. If it had been a lazy, lie on the beach affair, I would have got a lot more done.  I am a bad sunbather, I fidget a lot and cannot get comfortable and because of pale Irish skin (thanks, parents!) I try to limit my time in the sun. So, on those kinds of holidays, I retreat under a parasol and get a couple of hours of embroidering done.


When we did make it to the beach in Sicily, I couldn’t quite get down to anything.  What I did do though, was use the wonderful, crisp, clear light to make a critical review of some of my work. My rainbow lettering I mentioned in this post was troubling me a little. I just didn’t think the colours were quite working for this particular project. I had a really good play around with various combinations until I came up with something I was much happier with. Really, the light in Sicily is so good I think I may have to move there!

We returned home on Monday. It was so strange to be flying “home” from a holiday when the destination wasn’t a London airport! It doesn’t always feel quite real that we actually live here. The other reality I had to face up to was all of the work that came from my Sicilian sun fuelled colour decisions. Namely, a lot of undoing of my original colour choices. Why does undoing take three times as long as stitching?!


I finally completed the unpicking last night so I now look forward to some flowing, colourful stitching. I do hope I am still happy with the colours now I am no longer under the influence of the Sicilian sun.

5 thoughts on “Bright Ideas Lead to my Undoing

  1. I love the bright colors. They look great! I always think that I will stitch on the beach, but then the sand and the mess and the threads flying everywhere stops me.

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  2. I am not sure I am brave enough to attempt to sew on the beach. I am always dropping my needle and finding it amongst the sand could be a real challenge! I really do love the bright colours but don’t envy all of your unpicking.

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