A funny thing happened on Sunday. We had spent the day feeling a little jealous of all of the pictures friends in the UK sent/posted of the snowfall there. Then, late in the evening we looked out of the window and saw this: Although there is usually plenty of snow on Mount Etna during the … More Brrr!

Weekend WIP Roundup

Goodness me, it has been a while since I’ve been here. I really didn’t mean to be gone for quite so long. Despite the blog silence, there has been much happening here on the creative front. A recent commission has enabled me to develop my ribbon monograms idea.  The brief was for the two monograms … More Weekend WIP Roundup


This week we have started to feel settled and I have been able to pick up the threads (no pun intended) of my unfinished projects. For some while, even before we moved, I felt I had too many WIPs. I really needed to complete some! Once I got started, I found myself on a roll! … More Completion


We are settling into Sicilian life very well.  Moving from North Eastern Italy to here is really like moving to another country. The culture and way of life is so very different to what we have become used to. Most of the changes we have been happy to embrace….with the exception of the driving.  Oh … More Arancini

Catalonian Colour

As mentioned before, Mr Stitches and I made a brief visit to Barcelona last month.  I always feel nervous about visiting somewhere of which I have heard nothing but glowing praise.  Will it really be as good as everyone says it is? I am pleased to say Barcelona far exceeded our expectations….and a little more. … More Catalonian Colour

A Woman of Letters

A couple of weeks ago, before the relocation mayhem started, we took a trip to Spain.  Mr Stitches’ parents recently moved there after retiring and we thought we would pay them a visit. We flew to Barcelona and stopped there for a couple of days.  So much inspired me creatively there that I think I … More A Woman of Letters

The Gift of Giving

I remember when I used to have a measure of embarrassment about telling people that I liked to embroider, sew and craft.  The response I frequently received from many was a firm declaration of not knowing one end of a needle from another and no intention of ever finding out. Embroidery, knitting, crochet et al … More The Gift of Giving

Originally Unoriginal

In the last day or so I have been doing a lot of reflecting on originality, creativity and ideas. I thought the above picture made me look suitably moody and contemplative. (I was, in fact in the courtyard of a favourite restaurant just soaking up the sun) There is a story behind all of this introspection … More Originally Unoriginal