Moka Making


I have been making a big push to get my Special Coffee Commission completed this week.  We are visiting the UK at the end of next week and I want to have it all finished and mounted by then so I can take it with me and deliver it to my friend.


I have learnt that I can be a shockingly disorganised stitcher!  When you are working with floss with such slight variations in shades, you have to keep your floss in order.  More than once I had to unpick my work because I had taken a chance and chosen the floss by eye rather than reference number.  Night stitching can be living on the edge, people!


I had to get past the fact that, to start with, it looked more like a Dalek than a moka! I have realised that one of my big pleasures in stitching is working with masses of colour.  I obviously have a very short attention span and crave lots of variety! Despite this, I feel I have learned a lot about creating different effects using shading.


So here it is so far! I have to admit, I am very happy with how it looks.  I still have a little way to go.  I have a lovely silvery, grey floss with a sheen to it that I will use to give it some highlights and add a little more dimension.

I think I fancy a coffee now!

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