This week we have started to feel settled and I have been able to pick up the threads (no pun intended) of my unfinished projects. For some while, even before we moved, I felt I had too many WIPs. I really needed to complete some! Once I got started, I found myself on a roll! … More Completion

The Gift of Giving

I remember when I used to have a measure of embarrassment about telling people that I liked to embroider, sew and craft.  The response I frequently received from many was a firm declaration of not knowing one end of a needle from another and no intention of ever finding out. Embroidery, knitting, crochet et al … More The Gift of Giving

Weekend WIP Roundup

This new project is proving to be quite a challenge. I mean this in a good way! For some time I have wanted to try something that took me out of my stitching comfort zone. I think I can safely say “mission accomplished” to that part anyway! Faces and hands! I knew they would be … More Weekend WIP Roundup

Life Saving Liquid

You cannot underestimate how attached the English are to tea. In my experience they are second only to the Irish. Being from an Irish family living in London, I claim a little knowledge on this subject! We have a very dear family friend who once told me how, whenever her dad used to take his … More Life Saving Liquid

Tying the Knot

On Saturday my little sister got married.  On Saturday morning I finally finished the project I had been working on to mark the occasion. Clearly I still continue to cultivate remarkable procrastination skills! I did enjoy working on these two hoops. When I work on these negative space pieces, I love how the shape emerges … More Tying the Knot

Weekend WIP Roundup

Oh my goodness! It has truly been a case of taking one stitch at a time this week. The rest of the time has been taken up with trying to escape the heat.  We had a very expensive afternoon in a shopping mall only because we were beguiled by the promise of air conditioning! Yep, … More Weekend WIP Roundup