Weekend WIP Roundup

After purchasing a positive rainbow of colours, it seemed appropriate that this week was more than usually colourful. Having realised that the big project I had in mind would be enormous beyond anything than would be manageable on the 28 count evenweave I had purchased, I did a little thinking.  I did an about turn … More Weekend WIP Roundup

Making Rainbows

Every time I head back to London, I have to buy, ahem, one or two embroidery supplies! I may have got carried away, but my little shopping expedition last week means that I can now crack on with some ideas I have been formulation for some time. I needed to match DMC floss to some … More Making Rainbows

A Happy Accident

I have to admit, I have been feeling a bit cross with myself this week.  My “Hello Flower” satin stitch project that I wrote about here and here was progressing so well but then I hit a bit of a snag. It is nothing major, but it is becoming more and more apparent that I … More A Happy Accident